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The key to a successful interview is preparation. Contact the company and find out exactly what they do and if possible get a company brochure. Look to see if the company has a website as these usually provide extensive company and product information. In the case of smaller companies, the very least benefit is that the receptionist may tell the interviewer that you were keen enough to make enquiries.

Also ensure you have a full understanding of all the duties and skills required for this position. Re-familiarise yourself with your CV and note the skills and experiences you have which match their requirements and be prepared to talk about these strengths.

Top tips
If you find it difficult to ‘blow your own trumpet’ give yourself a reference and attribute it to someone else; e.g. ‘My last boss promoted me to Credit Control Manager because of my supervisory and negotiating skills which saved the company some £25,000 in the last quarter alone”

The hypothetical question. Try to imagine what type of situational question you may be asked – the interviewer may want to know if you can “think on your feet” and pose a question significant to their industry. Eg for a customer service role you may well be asked “How would you deal with an irate customer who is disappointed with our service?”. Rehearsing your answers will prevent the dreaded “erm’s and hmms” which interviewers hate and which send your confidence levels spiralling downwards.

Be ready with examples of experiences in previous jobs in readiness for questions such as:- “Describe how you handled a difficult situation in your present/last job?” “What can you bring to our company from day one?”; “What did you least enjoy about your last job?”; and be ready for the all important “Why should we hire you?” – it’s your chance to sell yourself!

Of course, when you register with Linda Taylors, our consultants will also give one-to-one advice and provide you with lists of commonly asked interview questions. Please do not hesitate to contact any member of our recruitment team for an early appointment