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Is a degree worthwhile?

It is a common debate, are degree’s worthwhile? Well, we thought we’d let you know what we think.

Of course getting a degree is worthwhile, but a degree alone is not going to get you that dream job. Some graduates finish university with no work experience and expect to walk straight into a top job and that just isn’t going to happen. When employers ask for experience, they are not trying to be unfair; they are looking for some proof that you would be suitable for the role in question.

A degree paired with work experience is going to result in a very strong CV, so we would recommend that you get any experience you can on your CV.  Even if the experience you have is not directly linked to the job you are applying for, there will more than likely be transferrable skills and the fact that you have been in work helps an employer build a picture of what you would be like as a member of his company.

Also, no matter how impressive your degree is, it is unlikely that you will be ready for a top job without some experience in the workplace.

So is a degree worthwhile? Yes, but you have to prepared to work hard to build up your CV as education alone will not result in your dream role.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this, why not contact us and let us know what you think?