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Arriving on time for an interview is obviously important, however in certain cases things can happen which make this impossible, but don’t worry- employers are aware of this and are understanding as long as you deal with it in the right manner. If you are going to be late you should always ring ahead and warn the interviewer of the situation. Now, issues aside, what is the perfect time to arrive for an interview?

You want to be early but you don’t want to be too early, you want to be on time but you don’t want to appear rushed, it’s a tricky situation. Some employers can actually find it a bit irritating if an interviewee arrives significantly early, it can make them feel under pressure to rush their other duties. And if you run into reception on the dot sweating and out of breath, it doesn’t exactly look as though you’re a good time keeper and an organised individual does it?

We always recommend that around ten minutes early is the perfect time to arrive for an interview, it suggests to the employer that you are an organised individual who is reliable and would meet targets and deadlines, it also means that the interviewer does not have to rearrange their diary to accommodate you, and they will appreciate that. First impressions count and being on time and prepared for an interview will always help your case when going for a job.

We wish you all the best for any upcoming interviews!