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test-image“I have been employing temporary admin staff from Linda Taylors for several years. The staff understand the type of administration work that we undertake here and the calibre of staff we require.

They respond quickly to enquiries and supply the relevant information on which I can then base informed choices regarding the best candidate for each post” [Hiring Manager, Corporate Services]

“I have always found the staff at Linda Taylors approachable, friendly, efficient and knowledgeable” [Head of HR, North West Region]

“Thanks for calling to meet me; you had it ‘spot on’. You took the time to visit and really listen to our needs and since then you have definitely provided the right calibre of people.” [Managing Director, International Export Co.]

“The staff at Linda Taylors have taken the time to build up a relationship and thus have a greater understanding of the type of candidates that I am looking for. They often refer a number of perfectly matched candidates for each post; and by presenting me with only the most appropriate candidates first this makes my decision process a lot easier. Thank you. [Customer Services Manager, National Distributor]

“The candidates put forward to us by Linda Taylors are always of the high quality we are seeking and, at interview, I have found that all candidates are appropriate for our service.

I have been involved in staff recruitment for over 15 years. I did however have some preconceptions about Agencies and the staff they recruited, but this could not be further from the experience I have had with Linda Taylors. They are clearly very selective of the candidates they sign up and also only put forward the ones that they believe fit the needs of the organisation they are providing a service to.

I have built up an exceptionally good working relationship with Dawn and Cecelia at Linda Taylors, who are professional, helpful and have taken the time to fully understand my business and the type of staff we are looking for.” [Development Services Manager, Local Government]